Self’s Ad Pages Bolstered by Wal-Mart


Self got itself into kind of a mess this year when editor Lucy Danziger tried to convince the world that Photoshopping Kelly Clarkson skinnier for the September cover was empowering for womankind everywhere. But not only was it not empowering, it was the magazine's worst-selling issue of the year so far, according to WWD, pulling in only 220,000 copies. And September issues are supposed to be some of the top sellers of the year.

However, the magazine is getting back on track. The December cover with Amanda Peet looks lovely. Besides, she's skinny, so they oughtn't have to worry about any more weight-related Photoshopping controversies. Even better for the magazine, the January issue will carry the most ad pages for that month in twenty years. Ads in the beauty and automobile categories (new clients include Chevrolet and Alamo Rent-a-Car) are strong. And Wal-Mart kindly took out an eight-page insert. Sounds like the magazine is really hitting its stride.