Taylor Jacobson Is Leaving Rachel Zoe!


Taylor from The Rachel Zoe Project announced in an e-mail today that she is leaving Rachel Zoe Corporation, which means season three of The Rachel Zoe Project will be considerably less amazing, because we kind of drooled over everything she wore every week (especially that half-leopard jacket). Besides, what does Brad bring to the table? Bow ties and pasty upper thighs. Taylor writes, according to Fashionista:

After four amazing years at Rachel Zoe Corporation, I’m saddened and exhilarated at the same time to announce my departure. After much thought and consideration, I have decided to take the challenging leap to go off and style on my own.

Sounds like all the drama on the show was real after all — Taylor really did hate her job! Bravo should give Taylor a spinoff. Brad would die of jealousy and have to find garments even more absurd than his crotch-skimming bottoms to draw attention to himself. Which is yet another reason Rachel should find someone who isn't so easily distracted to do returns.

Taylor’s Leaving Rachel Zoe!! [Fashionista]