Video: Preview Lady Gaga’s 30-Foot-Long Dress on Gossip Girl


On Monday, Lady Gaga guest stars on Gossip Girl. We know she wears a 30-foot-long dress with nipple pasties outside her top. We also know she performs "Bad Romance," and that show producers let her do pretty much whatever she wanted. But judging by a video preview of her performance, her guest spot doesn't look that crazy! There are no Russian hookers force-feeding her vodka, no awkward cat dancers, no polar-bear clothes, no crystals suspended in mid-air, no skeevy men (unless you count that guy Blair's with). But maybe what the preview doesn't reveal is that she's hiding all those things and more underneath her dress. Still, it's hard to top the "Bad Romance" video by way of the CW, and the lip-synching is kind of distracting.

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