We Love ... Maria Cornejo’s Prints


As one of Michelle Obama's designers, Maria Cornejo continues to gather steam. While quietly creating some of New York's coolest clothes, Maria launched into the land of prints. Along with Balenciaga's designer Nicolas Ghesquière, Maria is at the forefront for the print phenomenon. Taken from her trips around the world and extracted and stretched digitally, these prints are truly original. See below for the five reasons we love Maria's prints, specifically the water print for spring.

1. This print originated from an image taken from her iPhone on a ferry in the Bosphorus in Istanbul.
2. They are like abstract art, which gives them a very sophisticated feel.
3. While the colors are vivid, it's a print you never get tired of.
4. If you want to make a statement, this is for you.
5. It looks great on the model, but her clothes are always very flattering on real women too.

Long Cade Dress in Water Print, $764 at Zero + Maria Cornejo, 33 Bleecker St., nr. Mott St.; 212-925-3849 or zeromariacornejo.com.