What Do Models Talk About Backstage at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? Food, Mostly.


Last night the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show taped in New York. This is how show stylist Charlotte Stockdale explains the spectacle:

“We came up with the idea of this girl who lands from outer space in Paris. She gets on a train that comes to a halt in Pinkland, where pink girls get on and off. Then they go into this fairy-tale forest and little lady bugs and butterflies land on them and vines grow up on their clothes. Then, there’s Tick-Tock Time; the wings in this section are based on clocks — there’s one modeled after a pocket watch with metallic feathers. And she ends up in this regal realm of princess-ness, where the wings have Swarovski jewels and peacock feathers.”

But everyone knows this event isn't about the clothes. It's about the half-naked models, who spent all day yesterday backstage getting ready. To be half-naked for a few minutes. During this time they chatted up many reporters. The favorite conversation topic? Food. See what Chanel Iman, Anja Rubik, Marisa Miller, and more said in the slideshow.

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