Who Is More Famous: Jesus Luz or Christian Siriano?


Last week we received an invite to an event that promised free Grey Goose vodka for two hours while Jesus Luz D.J.-ed in the penthouse of the Hotel on Rivington. Since he's hot and we like free vodka, house music, and the scant possibility of Madonna showing up, we signed up. The crowd was a mix of horrible meatpacking nighttime people and desperate faux hipsters. When we arrived, Jesus was sitting at a table in the corner with only one other guy. He is surprisingly short, perhaps not even six feet, but gorgeous in person. Madonna has done well for herself, indeed. When it was his turn to take the turntables, we were surprised to see him plug in a laptop. Usually when celebrities "D.J.," they just plug in their iPods and change the songs (we saw Björk do this once and head-bang with her entourage to "Say My Name" — it was amazing). But Jesus plugged in his own equipment, put headphones on, and actually used the soundboard. He didn't scratch, but he looked like he was actually D.J.-ing! And the music wasn't half bad! At first we considered requesting a song, but he was doing so well on his own we just let him go on with his Brazilian self.

However, Jesus is a very amiable D.J. He gamely posed for photos with fans throughout his time in the penthouse. And though Madonna didn't show, Christian Siriano did! He arrived with his boyfriend, Brad Walsh, and sat at Jesus's table. Eyeing the D.J. hungrily as he posed for photos with random girls, Christian eventually made his move, and ambushed the D.J. booth for a quick photo op of his own. So quick you'd think he was afraid, or quite possibly just intimidated by Jesus's hotness. Was Christian trying to piggyback off of Jesus's fame? we wondered, thereby prompting a much tougher, far more important question: Who is more famous, anyway? Madonna's boyfriend or the Project Runway winner?