Chris Benz’s Lipstick Primed to Score Big This Spring

Chris & Tell.

Chris Benz is well on his way to making a hit in the beauty department this coming February. That's when his new lipstick for Lancôme lands in stores, a peachy hue named Chris & Tell that's been in the works and buzzed about for six months, but that's also been totally unavailable. Now wait lists are open at Saks Fifth Avenue and Lancôme boutiques for the $29 tube. The color itself looks just as pastel carrot as the color seen on models in his spring show, and the packaging features the designer alongside model and muse Elettra Weidemann. And with Benz buzzing about this single product for a while now, it would be nice if Lancôme decided to expand the collaboration. When peach lips aren't for everyone, a nice blush will do.

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