Christina Ricci to Employ Prodigious Posing Talents in Donna Karan Video

Ricci: "Say 'Wednesday Adams' and I'll cut you."

Continuing the current trend of designers replacing look-book models with actors and replacing physical look-books with online videos, Donna Karan, People's Revolution, and director Jake Sumner have teamed up on what appears to be a moody short film featuring Christina Ricci modeling Karan's Eldridge bag. Seems everyone's favorite brassy aunt, Kelly Cutrone of People's Revolution and her creative firm, All Day Everyday, brought Sumner (yes, he's the son of Sting) together with Karan's team to create "Four Play," a two-minute film wherein Ricci will portray four different women rocking the bag in the — wait for it — four different ways it can be worn. Says Cutrone about the movement toward video look books, "For years, I have been a big believer in the idea that designers need to create and control their own content so it can’t be stolen or looted as it is at fashion shows. Let’s face it: Anyone at the end of a riser can take that footage and do anything they want with it." True, Kells. But just wait until some smarmy Final Cut user edits Keyboard Cat into Ricci's performance sometime after it premieres on YouTube.

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