Cintra Wilson: ‘I Think Homophobia and Sexism May Play a Role in the Trivializing of Fashion’


The "Critical Shopper" columnist, who is not afraid to say how she really feels, told Elle: "[F]ashion isn’t an obviously brainy thing to write about — it is a fairly hermetic world that exists in its own froofy bubble. I think homophobia and sexism may play a role in the trivializing of fashion; I think it is regarded as being something of a feminine ghetto, to the extent that it is tethered to the beauty industrial complex and women’s magazines (the stock in trade of which tends to be largely inane articles about How Getting My Teeth Veneered Helped Me Have Better Orgasms, etc.) But I think it’s a mistake to write off fashion as being devoid of intellectual content." [Elle via Racked]