Daphne Guinness Lends ‘Mystery and Aristocracy’ to the Spring Akris Campaign


Steven Klein shot Daphne Guinness for the spring 2010 Akris campaign. The pictures look remarkably like the editorial Italian Vogue ran of Daphne in the October issue, in which she looked stiff and depressed but as wealthy and pretty as ever. Akris designer Albert Kriemler said Daphne "emanates a sense of mystery and aristocracy" in photographs, which he believes adds depth to the campaign.

In other Daphne news, she may be done with the blond hair for the time being. She was frolicking around Art Basel in Miami Friday night with black hair and a veritable treasure chest of diamonds on her person. Deigning to remove neither those nor her couture, she jumped in the pool and splashed around for a piece of performance art. Remarkably, her hair stayed almost as stiff as in this picture, which is a mystery indeed.

Bag Lady [Vogue UK]
Daphne Guinness Trades in Skunk-Striped Hair for All Black, Swims in Pool Clothed for Art Basel Performance Piece [Fashionologie]
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