Dior Couture Dresses Are the Best Way to Accessorize a Christmas Tree


Yesterday, Claridge's unveiled the Dior Christmas tree that John Galliano designed for their lobby. Designer Henry Holland attended the fancy party for the tree (nothing can happen in fashion without a party) and tweeted, "Dior party in a private room and there is more dead animals in here than people."

Looking nothing like a typical Christmas tree, the practically limbless shrub is twenty-feet high and not actually a shrub at all, but a statue composed of papier-mâche, paper, and polystyrene. The inspiration was snow scenes with a tropical twist, which explains the leopard, parrot, and dragonfly adornments. For the unveiling, Galliano handpicked twenty spectacular Dior gowns from the archive to display alongside it. What this tree lacks in tinsel, glittery dangling things, and overall treeness, it makes up for in couture. See the gowns in the slideshow.

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