Droog Introduces Dutch Fashion Items


Dutch design company Droog is known for high-concept home accents – its Soho store is filled with items like a $15,700 bench made from an intact tree trunk or a long dining-room table covered with burn marks and nebulous crystal vases. Though the company has previously dabbled in accessories (mainly whimsical brooches) it's launching a small line of clothing and accessories today. Six Dutch designers were tapped to create pieces for the offbeat collection, which includes tailored jackets made from recycled Dutch mailbags (Jan Taminiau), silk scarves with a pocket square printed on the breast (Corné Gabriëls), loosely knit leggings that button up the sides (Pascale Gatzen), and jeans with lines of red glue at the seams instead of stitches (G+N). Since they're sold in the same costly showroom that's liberally scattered with "Price Upon Request" placards, we were prepared for exorbitant price tags; happily, many of the items are affordable, ranging from $25 for a pair of knit gloves to $5,200 for a custom-made postal jacket.

Going Dutch [Moment/NYT]