Go Ahead and Get Fat This Christmas: You’ll Be Less Wrinkly!


Today in obvious-yet-absolutely-necessary studies, scientists tell us that the more we weigh the fewer wrinkles we'll have. It makes perfect sense because your loose skin won't just hang there, clinging to bone like an empty sack once filled with baby fat, but rather be plump and firm with new adult fat. The scientific study of 65 volunteer groups of twins revealed that after the age of 54, being overweight made the subjects look younger in the face. (Aside: So people volunteered to get fat and have people judge — with science! — how old they look. How much does that pay these days?) However, if you want to get fatter, don't rely on sugar, because it breaks down collagen (the stuff that keeps us young) faster. The very famous Dr. Perricone recommends an antioxidant-rich diet heavy on foods like blueberries, strawberries, spinach, and broccoli. But those will keep you thin and deflated, and therefore wrinkly. So in sum, no one knows how to fight wrinkles and keep you skinny without surgery yet.

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