If Foot Position Is an Indicator of How Hot a Woman Is for Somebody, Are Crazy Shoes Screwing It Up?

Spring 2010 shoes by Rodarte, Givenchy, and Versace.

A psychologist/foot scientist in Manchester says recent research reveals a woman's foot position around potential mates is a strong indicator of how hot she is for them. Women tend to move their feet away from their bodies in more open-leg stances when conversing with someone they're attracted to. If they cross their legs or keep them tucked under the body, they're probably not into whoever they're talking to. But what if they're wearing seven-inch heels and can only hold their feet in certain positions based on what the footwear will allow, and wind up pigeon-toed in front of someone they're trying to bag? What then, science? Hm? [UPI via Jezebel]