Karl Lagerfeld: A TV Antenna Born for the Battlefield

Lagerfeld on Talk Asia.

As good as Karl Lagerfeld is at designing, he may actually be better at talking about himself, as anyone who's seen Lagerfeld Confidential would know. Today brings another of his always-entertaining sit-downs, this time with the good folks at CNN on the occasion of the Shanghai debut of his latest collection. Nuggets of wisdom include his description of his natural ability to design (he scoops ideas out of the air like a TV antenna); his love of competition (he was "born for the battlefield"); and his intention to die with his boots on ("Chanel died doing her last collection in her 90s, so I have time"). Finally, his best bit of advice might be to forget about sabbaticals or meditation when looking for inspiration — "ideas come when you work ... you become dumb in the sun," says the man behind the dark glasses. The full interview will appear on CNN Talk Asia Wednesday, December 23, but a preview is available here.

Behind The Dark Glasses: The World of Karl Lagerfeld [CNN]