Lady Gaga Tells Barbara Walters She’s Not ‘Attention-Seeking’


Last night Barbara Walters revealed her most fascinating people of 2009. She began and ended with our two obsessions, Lady Gaga and Michelle Obama (the middle included Kate Gosselin and Glenn Beck and made us somewhat embarrassed for journalism). We'll get to details of MObama's wardrobe later today, but first: Gaga. Babs interviewed her in a clublike room with a light-up floor and clear plastic chairs that looked like the Hudson Hotel. They hobbled onto the set arm-in-arm, and Gaga actually appeared to be leaning on Barbara, which didn't quite make sense, as she wasn't wearing any face coverings, bizarre hats, or particularly insane shoes that would have hindered her vision or step (not to mention the 57-year age difference between them). Babs mostly asked Gaga, clad in a Chanel suit with no pink streaks in her hair, about her life instead of fashion; the segment began with some awkward baby pictures and quickly segued into a conversation about whether Gaga has had sex with women. Here she lost her composure, which she rarely does. Barbara tells her she doesn't have to answer, but she fumbles over her words again and decides to say, "I’ve certainly had sexual relationships with women." It reminded us of that other famous quote, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman," said by someone who was lying.

Yet what is the biggest misconception about Gaga? "That I’m artificial and attention-seeking."