Lara Stone Appears in Vuitton’s Spring Campaign With White Doves and Ferns


A tiny look at Louis Vuitton's spring 2010 campaign starring Lara Stone has leaked. The ads, which WWD describes as "all New Age," depict Stone, who WWD calls "voluptuous," lying in the grass like a regular hipster outdoorswoman who's collapsed in McCarren Park after a long morning of stooping, with her neon, furry-tailed bag cast aside just so, attracting symbolic white doves in her innocent moment of respite. She is one with the earth, peace, and her hipster purse. It's quite the departure from fall 2009's ads, starring a blurry, neon-lit Madonna, who looked like she was on a cableless television set with a really bad signal. WWD reports:

“After two seasons with such a huge star, [artistic director] Marc [Jacobs] decided to take a breather and work with a model — and not just any model. It’s the choice of a new supermodel,” said Antoine Arnault, Vuitton’s communication director, as he unveiled a campaign slated to break in February fashion titles. “She clearly has a Brigitte Bardot look.”

Which is to say: fewer guns, more bosom. We'll get a larger shot up for you as soon as we can to determine whether she's lying in shadows or is supposed to look filthy.

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