Lara Stone Opens Up About Rehab, Translates ‘Curvy’ for Vogue

Stone, all that and then some.

In the face of the ongoing debate about model body sizes, the latest interview with "curvy" model Lara Stone in Vogue comes off as somewhat sad and often jarring. “What they say is ‘curvy,’" says Stone about stylists, casting agents, and the like, "but you know they mean fat.” Put in perspective with recent news about blossoming waistlines in the developed world and studies suggesting men prefer "normal" size women, Stone's description of her early troubles trying to get work as a lovely size 4 seem perverse. "It’s not an easy kind of rejection," she says, "because it’s very personal. It’s you, your body. You take it to heart … I even tried pills." Stone goes on to claim that the pressure to fit in with the legions of "coat hangers" in the industry drove her to drink in excess, a problem she confronted with a short rehab stint earlier this year. But Stone seems to hedge toward the end of the interview with Rebecca Johnson, stating, "That is their aesthetic. It’s not for me to say whether it’s right or wrong.” Reading about what she's gone through as a beautiful woman in an industry with a narrow view of beauty seems to suggest otherwise, though. Still, even after confronting addiction, rejection, and now the pressure to excel in the spotlight, Stone still seems to have a healthy sense of self and sense of humor. “I can have an androgynous quality,” she says, “except for the boobs.” Those are two very big exceptions, there, Lara.

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