Lerario Beatriz Would Like to Do Accessories


Ana Lerario-Geller has the résumé we all wish we had: a few years at Marc Jacobs, some time spent working in cashmere, then launching her own line. Add in celebrity fans and a fashion marriage, and we're just green with envy. Lerario-Geller spent four years working for Marc, followed by a couple as head designer at TseSay, and then launched Lerario Beatriz for spring 2008. And already she has notable fans: Liv Tyler, Alexis Bledel, and Rachel Weiss wear her sexy yet sophisticated clothes. If you're curious about her last name, it's for that Robert Geller, the much-loved menswear designer. The two met when Robert was Ana's intern at Marc Jacobs, but didn't start dating until years later. "We definitely help each other a lot," she says. "We have similar aesthetics and share ideas and inspirations, which is amazing. And because we work in different markets, there is never competition between us." Her current collection, which is available at Edit, TG-170, and Mick Margo, ranges in prices from $230 (tops) to $880 at the highest end (jackets), and she's a featured designer on FadMashion.com. As for her future projects, Ana was a bit mum on the subject, but did hint that she'd love to start working in accessories. Judging by her clothes, that's something we can solidly get behind. Click ahead for a look at her spring collection, due to hit stores mid-January.