Manties Simplify for 2010

These are 2009. Calvin's plain briefs are 2010.

The decade has barely begun to close and already new trends have emerged, at least in men's underwear. Out are the overlabeled, overdesigned boxer briefs that we've seen worn by many a hot model and star. In are tighty-whities. Purists, you may celebrate. Perhaps this new minimalism is a riff off the early nineties, but even the undies back then were laden with labels. What's even better about the new whities is that they're economical: Calvin's come in packs of three for $24.50 at Macy's! You really can't beat that.

Of course, this is the opposite of a trend earlier this year that had waistbands adorned with multicolored stripes, neon, patterns, and texture; you name it. And pink manties were enjoying a 62 percent sales boost for a while back in April, as well. But we kind of prefer this new age of simplicity. What about you? Do you like the tighty-whities or do you prefer something more colorful?

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