Naomi Campbell in Talks to Do X Factor–Style Modeling Show


Naomi Campbell's rep confirmed that the supermodel is in talks to host an X Factor–style competition reality show for aspiring models. Though the rep says "nothing is set in stone yet," British Vogue reports the program would make Campbell the Tyra Banks–esque mother hen of the operation, shepherding a flock of aspiring models while whittling them down to a winner. This sounds like a wonderful idea because aspiring models need a better reality competition show than America's Next Top Model, the success of which now merely rides on Tyra's antics, such as her made-up superhero Smize and other publicity stunts like the recent blackface shoot. You know Naomi would have nothing to do with such absurdity.

Over the summer we learned that Sir Philip Green and Simon Cowell planned to work on some fashion-TV projects together under their new global entertainment company. We bet the mysterious show Campbell is in talks about is part of that venture. When we first reported on the GreenCow super-company, we suspected a model competition show would result. And we are still holding out hope for a live studio audience to make the contestants feel extra awkward. Tyra Banks would have to start going to work wearing pieces by Lucy and Bart to top that.

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