Olivier Theyskens Said to Be in Talks With Tory Burch’s Ex-Husband


Olivier Theyskens has been enjoying the good life as an unemployed designer since he left his position as head designer of Nina Ricci earlier this year. He wrote a book called Olivier Theyskens, the Other Side of the Picture, which is slated for release in February. He's been going to fabulous parties and keeping us all in suspense about what he's been up to, job-hunting-wise. Today's new Olivier rumors have the designer in talks with Christopher Burch, who is launching a lifestyle brand. Christopher is Tory Burch's ex-husband, who co-founded and financed her mass-appeal label. Yet wasn't Olivier fired from Nina Ricci so the label could take a more commercial approach? It then seems like an odd match when you think of her steel-toed church pumps and his iridescent heel-less wonders. But they did divorce. And if Olivier takes the job he might move to New York, which would be great! We have plenty of rivers for him to pee in, and no one would think twice about that here.

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