P. Diddy Was Born for the Home Shopping Network


Last night at 11 p.m., P. Diddy made a poetic debut on the Home Shopping Network to sell his fragrances. A lady with Kate Gosselin hair and eye shadow so blue you'd think she colored her face with a highlighter sat on a couch with Diddy for a couple of hours to tell him and His People how wonderful he and the things he makes are. A very excited Beverly called in and told Diddy, perched on a shaggy fur throw, that she had been waiting for this moment. "I wanted to put on your MySpace page please come to HSN!" she told him. And it's a good thing he did, because not only is HSN now cool, officially, but his stuff sold out in just sixteen minutes. That's a total of 5,600 Diddy fragrance products, costing around $60 each, with extra flex-pricing available for HSN cardholders. (It's the flex-pricing that really gives this channel flavor.)

But the best part of the evening was surely when Diane called.