Paris Hilton Sued for Copyright Infringement and We’re Forced to Take Her Side

Sigh, Paris, we hope you win.

Normally when we hear someone is suing Paris Hilton, we smirk a bit and move on. But this time we have to actually pause and, bear with us, take her side. Gwyneth Shoes is suing Paris because the insoles of her shoes are too similar to theirs. The insoles. We'd show you what the big ruckus was about, but there weren't any photos because they're inside the shoe, where you can't see them. Paris said on her website, "I personally chose the styling, design, materials and colors for the line and also wanted to make sure it was super-comfortable! Each shoe has a heart-shaped comfort pad sewn in ... so you can dance all night long!" So heart-shaped pads are the sole property of Gwyneth Shoes? Gotcha. Because we've bought some foot cushions that are rather heartlike, and put them in our shoes. You can buy them, too! (And yes, they are great for dancing all night.)

Gwyneth is asking a judge for an unspecified amount of money and no doubt, a ton of publicity. Sue Paris? Get in the papers! We checked out the shoes and the press they've received up until now and while the shoes are fine (though not exactly standing out in the market), the company clearly needed something to give them a boost. And Paris took the fall. And yes, it bothers us immensely to have to defend Paris Hilton. But in the immortal words of Billie Jean, fair is fair.

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