Preview Topshop’s Spring Collaborations With Ann-Sofie Back, Jonathan Saunders, and Ashish

From left: Ashish, Ann-Sofie Back, and Jonathan Saunders

Topshop keeps rolling out the collaborations. For spring 2010, the retailer welcomes back past collaborators Ann-Sofie Back, Jonathan Saunders, and Ashish for new collections, and images of the stock are just hitting online. Ann-Sofie Back's is the first to hit stores, slated for January 6, with six pieces of sportswear dresses, tanks, and tees that all seem to have survived a heavy slashing from Edward Scissorhands. Jonathan Saunders's took on stretch denim, crop tops, and skirts for his fourth round at Topshop, which hits stores January 20, and expanded to include white tees and black dresses with subtle graphic prints. The Ashish collaboration follows with a release date of February 3, and features the spring trend of soft sweatshirts and sweatpants, decked out in studs and spikes all over the arms and legs. These pieces reach a solid middle ground between comfy and punk, because really, there's no reason you can't have some room to breathe in pants though they have 30 sharp objects sticking out of them. So in case you're inspired by Rihanna's scary shoulders in 2010, this is your moment. Just remember: Safety first.

Ashish, Ann Sofie Back, Jonathan Saunders for Topshop Spring 2010 [Nitrolicious]