Project Runway Returns to New York for Season Seven


Yes, folks, after a lazy season under the California sun, Project Runway has left Hollywood, returning to its proper home in the Big Grimy. The jump from Bravo to Lifetime dulled down some of the show's bite, but it was really the L.A. vacation that made Project's last go-around seem a bit too breezy. Well, no more of that. Stress levels will return to the high-fashion industry norm when Klum, Gunn, and Co. roll out the new season January 14. And just who is vying for fame and riches this time? We've already scoped out the resident "Bro," Seth Aaron Henderson of San Diego; the adorable Ping Woo from China; and 21-year-old South Bronx resident Maya Luz (she's a part-time D.J., just like you!). So far, no magical creatures on the Siriano level — or raving sociopaths — stick out from the available previews, but we're sure by episode three we'll have sniffed them out.

Project Runway [Lifetime]