Brow to Brow

Which is which? Before and after (left and right). Top, Duane Reade. Bottom, Ramy Spa.

Brow guru Ramy has tweezed everyone from Naomi Campbell to Renée Zellweger, and his Ramy Spa has been a destination for celebrities and editors alike. Now the celeb plucker has opened himself to the masses with the new Ramy Brow Bar inside Duane Reade's Look boutiques. A brow job with Ramy at his spa is $75 ($50 with an associate), while the Duane Reade bar is promising Ramy-style brows, but for a mere $30 with one of his experts. We recruited two fuzzy-browed women, had one of them head to Ramy's spa to get groomed by the man himself, and sent the other to Duane Reade (1350 Broadway, at 35th Street). Can you tell the difference?