Rihanna’s ‘Couture Military’ Isn’t All That Bad


When Rihanna said she was doing "couture military" fashion for her "Hard" video, it was hard to imagine the costumes turning out well. As in, not desperate-looking or vulgar. But as you can see from further stills from the shoot, the looks aren't all nearly as absurd as the early still that leaked of her defacing Disney in a pair of Mickey Mouse ears with nothing more than bullets over her nipples and black-denim granny panties over her bottom. The leopard marching-band helmet is fun, almost. The shoulder spikes are much sillier, however, not because they're huge and probably incapacitating, but mostly because they look like they're cut from Styrofoam blocks and spray-painted black. The diva also wears a white strong-shouldered jacket we quite like, albeit without a needed pair of pants.

Look closely and you'll notice she wears the same shades Carrie wears in the poster for the sequel to the Sex and the City movie.

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