Britain Proposes Tanning Ban for People Under 18; Nicole Kidman’s Beauty Blunder

Nicole Kidman.

• In Britain, a bill has been created proposing a law banning people under the age of 18 from tanning. The country's health minister, Gillian Merron, says she wants to pass the bill by the time of general election in May. Tanning beds are already banned in Scotland for those under the age of 18. [BBC News]

• What happened to Nicole Kidman's face at the Nine premiere this week? Our friends over at Daily Intel made some guesses. [Daily Intel]

• The journal Personal Relationships published a new study claiming that women who live in cities care more about their looks than people who live in the country. The research reasons that the more people you have around you, like in cities, the more pressure one has to keep a better appearance. [MSNBC via Allure]

• A school district in a suburb of Dallas, Texas, suspended a 4-year-old pre-kindergartner for having long hair, saying his locks violated school dress code. [HuffPo]

• Professional brow experts claim they fix a lot of clients' brows who overplucked after trying to re-create celebrity looks. “The worst epidemic is teenagers,” says brow-bar owner Sania Vucetaj. "They get waxed and they are half gone." Eyebrow transplants are also growing, with 3,484 performed in 2008, up from 2,544 in 2004. [NYT]

• Usher on why he loves perfume: "Fragrance is the one thing that stays on when everything else comes off." [StyleList]