Video: Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas Proves Dancing Is Easier If You Wear Sneakers


Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas recently launched a sneaker collaboration with the Chinese brand Jump. We caught up with the singer last week at Saks Fifth Avenue, where his shoes are sold for $298 a pair, to check out the collection and see if they're going to be a good grab this holiday season. If nothing else, the kicks are as shiny as Christmas ornaments, made with four different metallic colors — gold and red, silver, gray, and patent black. They are also covered with zippers, "for people who want to stash certain things," Taboo says, like candy ... or drugs. The Pea, who calls himself a "Sneaker Pimp" and owns over 600 pairs of sneakers himself, also showed us how easy it is to skip and dance in sneakers as opposed to stilettos, particularly doing a move called "rejecting." And just like we thought, rejection — dancing or otherwise — is tough. See more in the video.