The Lucy and Bart Design Collective Will Come to Your Holiday Party and Put Hooks and Eyes on Your Guests’s Faces

You can see the hook-and-eye face thing larger on Dazed Digital. We kept it small because we're not in such a creepy mood.

Lucy McRae and Dutch Bart Hess are a design duo who describe their work as "an instinctual stalking of fashion, architecture, performance, and the body." What does that mean? They have a complicated way of explaining it to Dazed Digital, but in short, they make amazing-looking things to wear for the men and women of this world for whom there is more to life than trying to look skinny. They also experiment with what they call "low-tech plastic surgery."

For a Gallery in Holland we put on a 'Low-tech plastic surgery' performance where we glued Hooks and Eyes to the faces of visitors. We were able to redefine the landscape of the face by altering the appearance of cheekbones or emphasizing the lips, creating an analogue version of plastic surgery. We are available for Christmas parties, Barmitsvah's, weddings and baby showers!

Oooh! That is a neat, yet non-flashy and therefore recession-friendly, thing to do at your holiday party (no one has to know how much they cost). Or you can hide them in the coat room and foist them on people you dislike (but invited out of obligation) to get them to leave faster.

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