Victoria Beckham and Marc Jacobs Were Overheard Talking About ‘a Line With Fur’

Victoria in faux fur.

Victoria Beckham has been prancing around Paris the past few days. She spent some time hobnobbing with Marc Jacobs, and yesterday LVMH executive Edo Jao tweeted, "Well hanging with Vic B. and MJ is going real well, I think they're talking about a line with fur. Launching pre-emptive PETA strike now." Now, "talking about a line with fur" could mean any number of things. They could have been joking around about making a line of fur pants together. They could have been talking about a line — any line! — that contains fur and is not designed by either one of them. Also, Jao preceded the phrase in question with "I think," which could imply he wasn't even in adequate hearing range when he heard what he thought he heard. Lastly, Victoria wears faux furs.

In any case, the Internet is all abuzz with rumors about Marc and Posh designing a line of fur things together. What's more of interest to us in Jao's Twitter feed is this tweet from over the weekend:

Picked up a few Louis bunny ear bows for the more fashion forward friends.

So apparently the ears are catching on. Here's to ladies looking ridiculous at holiday parties this year!

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