Video: Behind the Scenes of Lindsay Lohan’s Muse Shoot


Muse editor Fabio Crovi said he's not sure he'll ever put a celebrity on the cover again after the insane amount of publicity Lindsay Lohan's Johnny Depp and Kate Moss–inspired threesome shoot received. “We received something like 10 million hits," he told “I don’t know if we could do it again. I love celebrities, but I don’t get any sleep!” Being European, he's accustomed to the good life, and he may as well stick to it, because fans of Muse probably don't want to see celebs in there anyway.

The behind-the-scenes video that photographer Yu Tsai promised of the shoot is now available for your viewing discomfort. Entitled "Lindsay's Private Party," it looks like a pretty depressing way to spend a sunny afternoon, but if you put it on mute and watch it to your favorite pop tune of the moment instead of Tsai's angsty track, this effect is lessened. They should have called it "How Many Things Can Lindsay Put in Her Mouth?" Because that's all the video seems to be about. First it's a curtain, then her finger, then some dude's back, then the dude's mouth, then a cigarette ...

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