Video: Tom Ford Thinks He Called Colin Firth Fat to His Face Before Shooting A Single Man


Tom Ford seems to be on a quest to place a story about his directorial debut, A Single Man, in every media outlet in the world. This week he's doing the talk-show circuit in our fair land. Last night he went on Jimmy Fallon and talked about the first commercial he appeared in as a youth. This morning he went on both Good Morning America and Martha Stewart Living, nary so much as a shadow or semblance of a bag under his eye, his suits perfectly pressed and cuff links perfectly polished, as always. We watched all three segments and picked out the best, most Forbuless parts.

First, on Jimmy Fallon, Tom remembered his days as a child actor. His first commercial was for a candy bar in which he had to proclaim, "It's still big!"

On Good Morning America, Diane Sawyer asked Tom if it was true that he told Colin Firth to hit the gym before filming began. Tom says he probably just told Colin he was fat to his face.

And lastly, Tom visited Martha Stewart, where he seemed out of place sitting in a pastel kitchen behind an island adorned with a perfectly arranged basket of apples, but quite at ease discussing DIY home decorating. Martha just loved what he did with his sets.