Will Elin Nordegren Spin Scandal Into Sneaker Endorsement Dollars?


As Tiger Woods continues to lose his cushy ad gigs, his soon-to-be ex-wife is planning on raking it in, and not just courtesy of her divorce lawyer. See, in addition to all those recurring questions surrounding the whole Tiger scandal (Will Elin stay with him? When will he return to golf? Is there anyone he didn't sleep with? Is that Jessica Simpson rumor true? Apparently not), we now have to dedicate a block of time to wondering whether the current Mrs. Woods will appear in ads hawking Tretorn shoes. Yes, Puma appears to be in talks with Elin about bringing her on as a spokesperson for a revamp of the old Tretorn brand. Before you start to doubt Elin's bankability as a brand representative for a line of all-weather, chic footwear, remember that she, like the brand, is Swedish, is a true beauty, and can apparently chase down a luxury SUV on foot. And let's not even get started on her golf swing. Next up, Elin will be teaching spurned wives everywhere how to cash in. We're sure there are a few political ladies who could use lessons.

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