Affronts to Nature: Jimmy Choo and Ugg Pursue Godless Collaboration

Choo plus Ugg — does not compute.

We've made no secret of the deep existential nausea caused by looking at the mysteriously long line in front of the Ugg store in Soho. But the latest news related to the Australian-born trend that would not die has sent a shiver that runs from our eyes to our very soul — Jimmy Choo is collaborating with Ugg. While there are no preview pictures yet (and perhaps that is a blessing), WWD reports that the line, called "Ugg & Jimmy Choo," will use the famous sausagelike boot construction, adding "design details that embody the spirit of the Jimmy Choo brand.” Perhaps as a self-defense mechanism, our imaginations can't even conceive of what that would look like. Whatever form they take, the sheepskin creations will market from $595 through to $795, which constitutes a second crime in itself.

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