Bar Refaeli Dodges Israeli Draft But Gets Hit by Military Boycott

Refaeli: Hell no, she won't go.

Bar Refaeli, the model most well known for her attachment to Leonardo DiCaprio and her work in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, may be headed into a world of tsoris, as she's been accused of getting married for the sole purpose of avoiding compulsory service in the Israeli Defense Force. Seems the Sabra married a family friend (under Israeli law, married women do not have to submit to two years of military training and deployment) and then quickly divorced once the government gave her absolution. Seems Refaeli has been playing games with the tax code as well, by attempting to establish herself as a non-resident. Now, it's a fact that constructing methods for avoiding military service is something of a pastime among a certain sector of Israel's youth, so members of the IDF are coming down on Refaeli in much the same way that a drill sergeant makes an example of his least responsive cadet. "We are a society that has an army, and Bar Refaeli doesn't have to participate in ads for Fox and, if she advertises Fox, then you shouldn't buy their products," said IDF Major General Avi Zamir, making history by being the first military leader in history to order an embargo of a swimsuit model. He continues, "At the end of the day, she is the one who has to look at herself in the mirror." Perhaps the general may not have figured out that what this particular draft dodger sees in the mirror is a face that nets six-figure contracts. As you were.

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