Best Bet: Common Scents


You don't have to worry about wick trimming, smoke residue, or potential fire hazards with Slatkin & Co.'s new Scentbugs. Despite the odd name, these cute, colorful pods dish out scents to freshen up any musty space. Choose from any one of Harry Slatkin's 30 oils (Island Margarita, Caribbean Escape, and Pineapple Mango, to name a few), pull out the tray, splash a few drops on the pad (you can even do your own blending), press the button, and the little fan inside will disperse the smells. Keep them on your desk (the fan is so quiet, our office mates didn't even notice) and since they're portable, carry them wherever you think may have funk potential for a little undercover refreshing.

$12.50, available January 18 at Bath & Body Works (693 Broadway, at 4th St.; 212-979-2526).