Beyoncé Waxes Geeky As Spokesmodel for Style Savvy Video Game

Beyoncé: "Play my game, play my game."

As mentioned before, the video-game industry has finally realized how much time women and girls spend shopping for, researching, and dreaming about clothes, and are responding with a series of fashion-focused titles available for multiple platforms both now and over the coming months. As if to show the industry's commitment to turning style followers into gamers, Nintendo is shelling out top dollar to have diva Beyoncé advertise their successful fashion title Style Savvy in a series of ads airing on Nickelodeon and other networks. The game offers users the chance to experience running their own virtual boutiques, where they can order and restock clothes and play other gamers in wireless "runway contests" without having to deal with real-world bummers like shoplifters or meeting OSHA standards. But, says the fiercely compensated spokeswoman, Style Savvy is more than just an amusing collection of digital, fashionable bleeps and boops made to help while away the minutes during your commute. According to Ms. Knowles, it's practically educational software. "It can teach young girls a sense of business and of responsibility. You have to be a good listener and pay attention to what the customers want. It also teaches you about fashion, using terms that fashion people use, like 'asymmetrical.'"

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