Beyoncé Will Reportedly Rescue Lady Gaga in ‘Telephone’ Video, Clad in Destroyed Denim

A lifetime of waiting for this moment, folks.

Lady Gaga and Beyoncé are shooting the video for "Telephone" in L.A. today. The video is reportedly a continuation of Gaga's "Paparazzi" video, her epic collaboration with director Jonas Akerlund that made way for her to dangle onstage at the MTV Video Music Awards smeared up to her eyeballs with fake blood, after dance-hobbling around with a cane. But unlike "Paparazzi," "Telephone" is not about a broken heart and trying to make a man love you. It's about the opposite — trying to get your man to leave you the hell alone so you can focus on dancing and getting drunk in the club at the same time. The concept for the video reportedly involves Gaga getting imprisoned and Beyoncé rescuing her. As for their costumes, which are what's really important here, the divas are said to be wearing "destroyed denim pieces" by designers Franc Fernandez and Oscar Olima. Spring's denim explosion has been tough to accept, and downright weird much of the time, but if anyone can do the opposite for the material of what Jessica Beil did for it on the cover of Vogue, it's Gaga and her friend Beyoncé, who owes it to the world to explore just how skimpy cutoffs can get.

According to early reports, Beyoncé may not dance in the video. At first this seems like a crime against humanity, but it's probably only fair. Lady Gaga respectfully put her masks and crazy body stockings aside to wear a plain white leotard in Beyoncé's "Videophone" video. Gaga has said she told Beyoncé prior to shooting, "I don't want to show up in some frickin' hair bow and be fashion Gaga in your video ... I want to do you." Because fashion is where Gaga outshines Beyoncé ... and pretty much everyone. Shaking it is where Beyoncé outshines Gaga ... and pretty much everyone. (Review the scene in "Video Phone" where they dance side by side if you doubt us.) So perhaps she owes it to Gaga to let her hips lie just this once.

Beyonce Knowles to Set Free Lady GaGa in 'Telephone' Video [Celebrity Mania]
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