Catherine Zeta-Jones Is on Team Scrunchie; Medical Spas Offer Delivery Service

Catherine Zeta-Jones.

• To wear or not to wear a hair scrunchie? Catherine Zeta-Jones stepped out yesterday with one knotted in her locks, so she votes yes. [StyleList]

• Some medical spas are adding a delivery service to their businesses. Destinations Medical Spa in Southern California delivers treatments like Botox, chemical peels, and laser hair removal by setting up stations in patient homes, and they even arrive in an unmarked SUV so no one has to know. [Luxist]

• Julia Roberts, Lancôme beauty ambassador, on how having kids influenced her beauty regime: “It kind of comes to a screeching halt. At a certain point in the future, I’ll pick it back up again. I think the nice thing about getting older is it forces you in a way to take a greater interest in your regime. And so it’s a good moment for me to join forces with people who can help me.” [WWD]

Dolce & Gabbana is celebrating the one-year anniversary for its makeup line by launching the Roses Lipstick collection, which includes five colors inspired by roses. The collection debuts in February. [Splendicity]

• Makeup artist Charlotte Willer is managing the Maybelline New York team for New York Fashion Week. [WWD]

Alessandra Ambrosio's winter beauty must-have is a thick body lotion. On when she doesn't have some: "I hate the feeling of getting out of the shower and feeling so — ick — dry. It makes me feel old!" [Teen Vogue Beauty Blog]