Chris Benz: Body in the Gym, Mind on Carol Burnett

Benz: Recovering string bean.

With a makeup line on the way, impressive sales, and scads of adoring female customers, Chris Benz is having a good time of it, even though a new interview on T Magazine's blog reveals that the youngster seems to be growing up. Already he's moved on from his old studio, ditching a beloved, near-inoperable photo booth in the process, and has resolved to add some muscle mass to his lean frame — "It’s something that I swore I would never do, but then I turned 27 and I thought, O.K., this is the end of my 20s — I don’t want to be 30 and still have my skinny boy body." Indeed, that would be awful. Perhaps the most revealing item pulled from the designer's mind by interviewer Nancy MacDonell is Benz's love of seventies comedienne Carol Burnett. "I remember watching 'The Carol Burnett Show' with my parents as a kid. All those weird outfits she wore, like turtlenecks and long skirts, really stayed in my head. I love that she’s kind of goofy and dorky." This really explains his floral fixation. Now we're just waiting for someone to step forth and admit their last resort collection was inspired by Maude.

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