Ciara Plans to Butter Up Riccardo Tisci for Free Couture Pants


Ciara was 40 minutes late to the Givenchy couture show yesterday, prompting photographers to boo her. But according to her, that hasn't sullied her relationship with designer Riccardo Tisci, for whom she plays muse. She showed up to Givenchy's dinner last night wearing couture harem pants from the fall 2009 collection. "He is just the sweetest man in the world," Ciara effused of Tisci. "In fact, he's so sweet, I'd bet he's even going to let me take these pants home with me." She added that she planned to take him out to lunch today to "seal the deal." Dude. We'll buy him a turkey club and a bag of chips — and we weren't 40 minutes late to his show. We can sing "Like a Boy" and do back bends. Where's our couture? (Love you, Riccardo!) []