Daisy Lowe Doesn’t Want People Doing Cocaine at Her Birthday Party


Daisy Lowe turns 21 soon and is throwing a birthday party with the theme "Magical House of Fairy Tales." Before you make any assumptions about what she means by "magical," know that she wrote on the invites, “In this enchanted land there’s only one rule — thou shall not powder thy nose." She tells the Times, "No drugs allowed, basically. If you want to be at my party and you call yourself one of my good friends, then we’re just playing Twister, thanks." Though she admits to enjoying "the odd shot of tequila," she adds, "[A]ll my friends are really clean. The older generation learnt what drugs can do to you, and we’ve learnt from them. We don’t need to experience it for ourselves, we don’t need to batter our bodies."

Lowe is also heralded for her curvy figure. She recently did a photo shoot with fellow "curvy" model Lara Stone for Louis Vuitton's cruise campaign, and says of her colleague, "I felt like an elephant next to her. It’s ridiculous. She’s being hailed as this bigger girl, but she’s tiny." Maybe cocaine and other appetite-suppressing drugs are out and food — or at least the audacity to indulge in the odd slice of pepperoni pizza — is in.

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