Eva Mendes Looks Really Slippery in the New Calvin Klein Campaign


Eva Mendes and Jamie Dornan are back for another season as the faces of Calvin Klein. While the duo wore lingerie and manties for the fall campaign, they are modeling denim this time around, though that doesn't mean they are necessarily more covered up. Rather, both are shirtless and grinding on the sand covered in baby oil. In the above picture, she looks so slippery that Dornan has to grip a big wooden slab just for Mendes not to slide off him. In another shot (below), she's wearing a tank top and jean skirt, the most clothes we've seen on her thus far, though Dornan appears to be in the process of removing them. Steven Klein shot the ads, which will appear on large billboards at the corner of Houston and Lafayette Streets, the site of the former Calvin Klein threesome image, and at the High Line. Steamy enough for you?

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