Free Workout With Purchase: Study Finds Shopping to Be Healthy Exercise

Feel the burn!

At some point, every halfway-decent shopper has had to take a moment or two out of a wild buying spree to kick off her heels and rub her calves for a moment. It's why there's a Mrs. Field's at every mall. Well, a new study commissioned by Debenhams (sort of the Macy's of England) demonstrates that, just like an offensive lineman heading to the bench for some Gatorade, you're taking a minute out in Pinkberry because you've been burning calories like a furnace. More rigorous than normal activity (or browsing Gilt), shopping eats up five calories every minute you rifle through the discount bin — for the average woman, that's 48,000 calories a year. To put that in more visceral terms, that's over 260 Luna Bars for every year you spend trudging from store to store, sharp-cornered boutique bags bumping into your legs. Kind of makes you wonder whether you should take the cash you spent on your Crunch membership and invest it in sample sales.

Shop Till You Drop! How The Average Woman Burns 48,000 Calories a Year [Daily Mail UK]