Fuller Lips Imply Youthfulness; Marion Cotillard Wore Frizzy Curls, So Now You Can, Too

Marion Cotillard.

• Usually Marion Cotillard wears her hair in sleek updos and her makeup is always perfectly primped. But at a cocktail party over the weekend, she wore a different look — frizzy curls and a smudged, smoky eye. [Beauty Counter/Style.com]

• A new study published by Unilever shows that the fuller the lips you have, the younger you look, because lips start to shrink between the ages of 30 and 40. And you wonder why people love collagen. [StyleList]

• New findings published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences report that Neanderthals used shells as containers to mix and store pigments, which leads researchers to believe that the Neanderthal society had makeup. [BBC]

• There is a new iPhone app named iSurgeon that allows you to see what you would look like with plastic surgery. It also allows you to pretend you are a plastic surgeon and perform procedures on fictional patients. [Total Beauty]

• Liquid silicone is not approved by the FDA for cosmetic injections, though some people still use the product illegally through the black market. A faulty injection can turn fatal, particularly when the silicone gets into the lungs. [HuffPo]

• When Ted Gibson made over Kate Gosselin with hair extensions for the cover of People magazine, the process took him twenty hours to complete. [People]

Christopher Kane is rumored to be working on a fragrance. Please be true. [Fashionista]