Gisele Lined Up Her First Post-Pregnancy Shoot


Oh, when will Gisele unveil her post-baby body to the world? She's probably hiding out in her house in Boston with Tom Brady until she loses the extra five pounds of baby weight she gained. But soon enough she'll shoot an ad campaign for Brazilian jeans company Colcci, according to Made in Brazil. Brazilian papers report that David Sims will shoot the ads in Boston, which is kind of strange since it's not a go-to destination for fashion shoots, but as long as Gisele is holed up there with Tom and baby Benjamin (bless her for choosing a real name!), fashion companies are sure to flock to her. Especially for the coveted bumpless reveal. As soon as she can and will travel again, we imagine people will start flying her around so they don't have to journey to fashion-starved Boston, where it's painfully cold, the streets make no sense, and Red Sox baseball hats are the "It" accessory year-round.

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