Gisele Posted a Picture of Herself From Her First Post-Baby Shoot [Updated]


On January 25, Gisele did her first photo shoot since giving birth, for the campaign for Brazilian denim label Colcci. She posted a small photo of herself from the shoot on her website. Of course, it's from about her armpit up, and she's turning her shoulder (bearing no fat as usual) away from the camera so as to ensure the world has no semblance of an idea what her midsection currently looks like. However, next to the photo, a news item about the shoot assures us she is "back in shape" and worked for several hours with photographer David Sims on the ads. Those images will hit her website in February. But we can already tell you how she looks in them: exactly as she did before getting pregnant! [] Update: Brazilian magazine Fantastico has photos of Gisele post-baby from the waist up. And we were right. She looks just as she did pre-pregnancy. There's also a brief video of her walking around, speaking Portuguese, if that interests you. [Fantastico via Fashionologie]