Grace Coddington Expresses Love of Cats Through a Giant Charm Necklace


Grace Coddington stopped by The Martha Stewart Show today to promote her book Catwalk Cats. Miss Martha was hosting an entire show about cats, and there were plenty of freaky creatures (both owners and animals) on the show. Grace wasn't one of them. Obviously. She was just a member of the audience — seated with the common folk! — when Martha called on her to talk about her book featuring cat sketches and drawings. "It's my life in the book through the cat," Coddington said. The Vogue editor expressed her feline love in another way, too — through a huge silver necklace made up of cat-head charms, which Martha said she "coveted" from afar. "I got this in a little shop in Bridgehampton," she told Martha. However, the animal lover was there without her furry, four-legged friends. "They're not very sociable," she said of her two cats, Bart and Pumpkin, who didn't want to come on the show. "They don't really like other cats. They like each other. They don't like publicity." Her pets sound like they have an attitude, and for some reason that makes us like her even more. See the whole clip below.